The Rebuild


Our builders are now on their well deserved Christmas break, returning early January when they will be working on the roof.


Some of the exterior brickwork is now going up and the builders are continuing to prepare for the roofing.


The steel framing is continuing to rise up!


Work continues as our builders continue to erect the steel framing


At this stage of the rebuild, progress is being made fast as steel framing nears completion.

Some progress shots of where we were at 18 weeks ago, where we are now & where we will be at complete of the build. Our Club is now starting to take shape!

The steel framing is going up fast and it's now getting easier to visualise what our brand new Club will look like.


The concrete slab is now complete. Next step is the steel framework.


We have reached a milestone with the final layer of concrete setting to form our ultrafloor.


We are getting close to finishing the ultrafloor despite the rain!


We are getting close to finishing the ultrafloor despite the rain!


Our builders are continuing to prepare the site for the concrete slab.


Our builders have now completed the steel formwork with bright blue bondek. We are still running to schedule which is great news

10 weeks in and our site is looking very different to a week ago! The ultrafloor is progressing nicely and more concrete is being poured.

This week our builders are continuing to prepare the foundations of our ultrafloor/slab. It's a big job! Before we know it they will be pouring the slab.


Despite the heavy rain this week, our builders are continuing to work on the ultrafloor.


This week our builders have started to pour concrete into the dincel walls, setting the foundations for our ultrafloor in place.

Rohrig rebuilding the Katoomba RSL


The dincel walls are almost complete! Next steps will be pouring concrete into the dincel walls and reusing the dirt mounds sourrounding the site to put back into the foundations.


Our builders were hard at work on Saturday pouring the concrete footings! We're making good progress!

Over the next few weeks, the dincel walls, otherwise known as waffle pods are being slit over the metal framing and concrete poured in to set the structures. This will form the base of our future floor!


This week the builders are making the final adjustments to the land and putting the steel framing in place before the concrete can be poured.


Our builders have been very busy on-site, leveling the land and putting the finishing touches on the trenches.


Big mounds of dirt seem to be appearing everywhere as the builders continue to excavate and flatten the land to allow for pipes to be laid in the trenches and for the concrete to be poured.


Note the date of 16th July 2018 as the start of a NEW ERA.

We are pleased to announce that we are now full steam ahead. Rohrig, our construction company is in control of the site. Excavation has begun which has included the moving of the Cenotaph, Lone Pine Tree and the 40/60 Bofors Gun - all integral components of The Community War Memorial. The Memorial will be relocated to the boundary of the car park at a later stage and will be an important focal point when Members and their Guests enter the Club via the new carpark entrance.


Our builders, Rohrig Constructions have officially moved in!

Design by Axil Architects.


The HMAS Katoomba Bell that was damaged in the fire was fully restored to its former glory on the 24th June. We think it looks fantastic!


On the 13th June we held a Cleansing of the ground Ceremony at the site which was conducted by Local Elders and accompanied by traditional Wagana Dancers. There was also a very special performance by The Katoomba Public School Koori Club Choir. The local Elders were delighted with some rain and a rainbow greeting us, signifying future success. We would like to thank everyone who attended this special ceremony.


Katoomba RSL Club DA Application Approved!

We are pleased to announce that our DA Application for the new Katoomba RSL Club Building has been officially approved by The Blue Mountains City Council.
We would like to express our gratitude to The Blue Mountains City Council for their efforts in fast-tracking our application and for their continued co-operation throughout this process.
We also thank our Members for their continued support and patience as we work on the re-building of our Club premises.


We are delighted to announce that the medals recovered from the fire in February 2017 have now been fully restored and framed. This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of a team who specialises in Medal Restoration. Check out the before and after pictures! We think they look fantastic and we are very pleased with the end result.


The rebuilding process of the club at Lurline Street, Katoomba is well underway.

The club recently purchased the cottage at 4 Merriwa Street, Katoomba and this additional area of land will allow a much larger club to be built.